How to Resolve Start-up Problems with Dell Laptops

When your Dell computer doesn’t start properly or takes a lot of time to boot, then do not fret. All you need to do is be patient and try troubleshooting the issue. If you aren’t able to do it on your own you can call on the Dell Printer Technical Support Phone Number for instant help. The best way to approach the problem is to find the underlying cause which would help you to find a solution. Here are some of the possible causes of the problem!

Non-Bootable Disk:-
Some old models of the Dell computer may not boot if a non-bootable disk is in inserted any of the drives. Therefore you need to remove all disks in the drives then try restarting your system. Another thing is that Boot errors may also take place if you have swapped your hard drive with any another hard drive that doesn't have an operating system.

Newly Installed Hardware:-
It is significant to confirm that any new hardware fitted into your Dell system is compatible. Before installing the new hardware, you should always ensure that the Dell computer it is being fitted in meets the basic system requirements.

Safe Mode:-
Safe Mode is a good way to test and see if your operating system is still steady along with being a way to fix some issues. It is a feature of Microsoft Windows that enables the users to access a bare version of the OS, which can frequently be used even when a usual boot-up flops.

There are some other things that can cause such issues like viruses or even other programs that are corrupt, thus you can use different method to resolve this issue depending on the underlying cause. If you need assistance in resolving the boot issues you can contact the Dell Printer Technical Support Phone Number, which is 1-888-296-9079, anytime.


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